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Our mission is to create an enabling environment for our athletes to excel.

NAMEF was founded in the 1900’s and has been the official representative of the horse riding community in Namibia for many years. Affiliated to the Sports Council of Namibia, NAMEF has throughout the years represented the horse riders and the horse riding sport on a national level. The Namibian Equestrian Federation (NAMEF) is affiliated to the Federation Equestrian International (FEI), based in Switzerland.

The Federation’s membership and number of horses registered presently stands at +/- 170 and 207 respectively. Membership figures are represented by Adults, 18 years and over; Juniors, 15 to 17 years; and children 14 years and younger.

NAMEF’s main objective is to facilitate and support an environment where Equestrian athletes can thrive and enjoy the sport at all levels.


The Sportsmanship Charter

The Sportsmanship Charter

  • That sport is done for the fun of doing it and ceases to be a sport when it becomes a business, or something done for what there is in it;
  • That amateurism is something of the heart and spirit and not a matter of exact technical qualifications;
  • That good manners and respect towards each other are fundamental qualities;
  • That the code of conduct should be strictly upheld;


We promote excellence in our sport with emphasis on integrity, teamwork and fair play.

Equestrian sport is the embodiment of a healthy family lifestyle. Girls and boys, men and women compete against each other on equal terms. It is fast becoming an exciting sport for the disabled as well as the able bodied.

Our vision is to see Equestrian sport enjoyed by all sectors of the Namibian community and to have Namibia represented at International events by competent sportspersons.


  •  That the whole structure of sport is not only preserved from the absurdity of undue importance, but is justified by a kind of romance which aminates it, by the positive virtues of courage, patience, good temper and unselfishness
  • That the exploitation of sport for profit alone kills the spirit;
  • That the qualities of frankness, courage and sincerity which mark the good sportsman in private life shall mark the discussions of interest at a competition


For any inquiries please email:

Mrs. Lien de Wit

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