There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle
one is the sense of humor the other one is patience - John Lyons

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About Namef

NAMEF ( Namibia Equestrian Federation ) is an administrative body, providing guidance and advice to affiliated clubs,
horse owners and riders, as well as assuring the correct grading of horses in the various disciplines, and ensuring the
proper interpretation of NAMEF and FEI Rules at horse shows affiliated to it.

Affiliated horse shows are held regularly throughout Namibia with the Windhoek area being the most prominent. All
these tournaments cater for one or more of the recognised disciplines; a discipline being an aspect of equestrian sport
held under the auspices of the NAMEF.

Equestrian sport is the embodiment of a healthy family lifestyle. Girls and boys, men and women compete against
each other on equal terms. It is fast becoming an exciting sport for the disabled as well as the able bodied.

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