There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle
one is the sense of humor the other one is patience - John Lyons
NAMEF ( Namibia Equestrian Federation )


  1. To represent the FEI in Namibia and vice versa, to represent the interest of riders in Namibia at the FEI.
  2. To co-ordinate the work of joined Federations that are involved in the equestrian sport.
  3. To promote and support the equestrian sport in all aspects.
  4. To uphold the rules of the FEI as well as the National rules and regulations and to assure their application and to oversee them at all recognized tournaments by the Federation.
  5. To vote representatives who represent the equestrian sport nationally and internationally.
  6. To be of help with the organization and holding of tournaments.
  7. To promote and encourage the founding of new clubs in not yet covered areas for the extension of the equestrian sport.
  8. To provide and look after a healthy financial foundation of the Federation.


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