There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle
one is the sense of humor the other one is patience - John Lyons
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2017 S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M
February   12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728      
March   12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031   
April      123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 
May 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031     
June    123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930   
July      12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
August  12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031    
September     123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930  
November   123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930    
December     12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 

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